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About Us

We are a husband and wife owned business. We are born and raised Floridians who went from being best friends as teenagers turned soul mates ten years later. We got married quickly after dating and our life has been adventurous and inseparable ever since. Our first date, honeymoon, anniversaries, birthdays and vacations are always based around hunting or fishing in some sort of way. We love sharing this way of life and this business together. As a family, we are always in the woods or on the water, so that is where our name, Woods to Water Preserve, was born from.

We incorporate our young kids being involved in this business as much as we can. We want to educate our kids in hands-on ways, apply real life skills and model a strong work ethic to show them how hard work really pays off. Afterall, we chose this type of business ultimately for our children; for their childhood, for their future, and for their children’s future.

We strongly believe that adults, kids and especially families together should get outside more, put down the electronics and take in the beauty of nature and the health benefits of the fresh air. Research reveals that nature heals, soothes, connects and restores. We are all about God, Family and the Great Outdoors.

As a family, we believe and teach our kids that pure, unprocessed food is the best food. It tastes the best, makes our bodies feel the best, and ultimately, makes you feel proud that you are feeding your family pure, wild meat that is straight field to table.

So, we hope you come and collect memories with us at Woods to Water Preserve!

Watch Our Preserve Featured on BlueGabe’s YouTube Channel

BlueGabe is a YouTube favorite when it comes to watching hunting and fishing videos. Gabe and his son were able to experience harvesting their first Axis Deer with us!

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

About the Preserve

Our high-fenced property has hundreds of acres of the “Old Florida feel” with hardwoods, palmetto hammocks, oak hammocks and planted pines. A unique ecosystem called pumpkin swamp is on this property. It is one of the most unique ecosystems in Florida which is why there is as much wild game as there is here. The culture of the surrounding area is unique & deeply vested in hunting. One can see why the State of Florida has acquired many acres of land like Woods to Water Preserve in this area to protect and preserve for future generations. These are some of the last great places not yet owned by the state or national parks.

At Woods to Water Preserve, we maintain top quality, year-round food sources for the animals which include; multiple food plots, extra hay in the Winter and protein feeders. Ideally, we harvest four-year-old animals and up. Our preserve area allows animals to be born and have more opportunity to mature as predators are kept to a minimum. We provide hundreds of acres of natural habitat in which our herds reproduce, hide, and ultimately thrive.

We have a few mascots on the preserve that the kids love to chase around and the guests love to snap beautiful pictures of. Dixie, our Zonkey (mix of Zebra and Donkey) is the one in charge. You will see him roam all over and just pop up in most of the places you are at on the preserve. His job is to protect the herds from predators and he does his job well! Dixie has been on the Preserve for over 15 years or more. This flock of beautiful domestic turkeys just walked down our long road and right into our open gates one day. It’s pretty ironic that they are now safer inside a hunting preserve, as they are off limits and loved by our kids and the guests as well. You may see them chasing down the side-by-side to greet you and to see what food you may have for them.

Why Hunt In a Preserve?

  • Fewer places to hunt & overcrowding – public lands are being gobbled up by development and private hunting leases. With less land and more people interested in hunting, public lands near large population areas get pretty crowded during the hunting season, especially on opening day. This has negative implications for hunter safety, quality of the hunting experience and availability of quality trophy animals. Hunting preserves strictly limit the number of hunters at any one time.
  • Easier travel – You get a chance to hunt exotic animals you might not be able to otherwise without traveling to other states or countries.
  • Short seasons – in many areas, hunting seasons are short – from a few days to a few weeks, usually in the late fall. Unless you can get time off work, this usually means only a few weekends are available to you to go hunting. Hunting on preserves for exotics can be done year round.
  • Lack of quality animals – it is getting increasingly difficult to bag a trophy buck in the wild. There are many reasons for this. One is that selective hunting – shooting the biggest bucks – results in a drain on the genetic pool by removing the best breeders. Bad winters and poaching also take their toll on animals. Preserves offer quality trophy animals that are raised on farms.
  • Time constraints – everyone these days seems to have to work harder and longer. It is not possible for many people to spend the time scouting before hunting season, and spending days locating, and tracking down that trophy animal. Many people have a limited amount of vacation time, and most of that is probably spent with the family! Busy people who like to hunt are looking at options. Preserves offer longer seasons, and one to three days is all you usually need to harvest a trophy.
  • Expectation of success – Clients of hunting preserves usually experience a high success rate due to the availability of a large number of quality animals. However, these hunts aren’t always as easy as you may think. Like any hunt, sometimes things fall into place quickly, and other times you have to work for it. The deer are still wild, careful animals roaming and hiding within the hundreds of acres. Fenced or not, mother nature and the deer’s natural instincts play a huge role in hunting.
  • Out-of-state fees, licenses and requirements – High fence hunts don’t require expensive licenses or lottery drawings in hopes of drawing a tag for something.
    Rules and regulations of public hunting – have you looked at the rules and regulations recently associated with public hunting? It is nearly impossible to remember them all and you constantly run the risk of inadvertently violating one of them. Yes, preserves have rules too, but things are a lot simpler.
  • Greater opportunity – Preserves are a great way to get new hunters, those who have a disability, vets, or anyone else who may not simply have the time, resources nor opportunity to get out on a seasonal hunt. It is also for people who just want a chance at something different. Even for non-hunters, a preserve has value – it’s like an oasis for nature and wildlife in our steadily-shrinking natural landscapes.

Hunting and fishing are great family-oriented activities to do. Do it in your own legal way, and enjoy the outdoors, however that may look to you!

Visitor Testimonials

Amazing experience and the most friendly guide. Gorgeous animals!

Troy & Samantha W.Ft. Pierce, FL

Lodging was awesome and there are plenty of great animals to harvest. I would highly recommend a hunt at Woods To Water Preserve!

Bill & Claudia B.Jupiter, FL

One of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! The cabin is perfect and very clean. If you’re considering visiting Woods To Water Preserve, don’t wait any longer! You will not regret it! Highly recommend!

Derek & Kathleen MSaint Petersburg, FL

What an amazing experience the kids and I had this weekend! Our guide was extremely helpful and made sure to involve the kids in every part of the process in harvesting their first deer. Along with lots of stories about the preserve. I can’t say enough great things about Woods To Water Preserve!

Donna SJupiter, FL